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We provide a comprehensive range of services for cars, vans and all fleet vehicles

Car Audio & Entertainment

Complete front & rear audio systems. Driver infotainment & rear entertainment

Phone Kits & Ipod/mp3

Bespoke phone kits fitted, MP3 & iPhone docking systems


Lightning fast broadband enabling you to keep in touch or stream whilst on the move

Alarms, Tracking & Radar

Car alarms to keep your car safe, vehicle tracking sysytems & radar detectors

Parking Assistance

Parking assist systems & reversing cameras to help you park safely


Fast & professional towbar fitting service for cars, vans and trucks

Window Tinting

Tints to replace those useless sheets with the air bubbles in that you bought on the internet for £2.99

Heated Seats

Heated seats are perfect for those cold winter mornings. Start your day with a warm bum!

Scott Newman

Scott Newman’s excellent double century has put him in a class of his own as he became the first Surrey player ever to score a hundred and a double hundred in the same match.

“I would always contact Alan at Autotech when having kit fitted to either mine or my family’s cars. He fitted an Alpine touch-screen multimedia system with rear screens, DVD, iPod, speaker upgrades, sub and amp.”


Fleet Solutions



Autotech In-Car Solutions offers an extensive range of services to our fleet customers. There is a growing demand from employers who need to monitor their workers’ movements and communicate with them safely. We provide tracking systems that give full management reports including: engine stop/start and idle, the location of where they are and if they are breaking the law by speeding.


There is also a system that is linked to the DVLA which will monitor drivers to check they are not banned from driving and the amount of points on their license. Employers are under even more pressure about “Duty of Care,” If an employer supplies a mobile phone then they must have a hands free car kit. If the driver is stopped while on the phone, the employer can be charged. We also have customers wanting reversing cameras, Slam & dead locks, rear seats, and livery to vehicles.





Bespoke Installations

Bespoke Installations are becoming more and more popular.

From an iPod into a cubbyhole in a Bentley Flying Spur to a full Morel audio install into a 650 BMW, we can offer a wide range of services to suit all needs on any make of car.

Our skilled leather trimmer is a previous employee of ‘Connolly’ and produces outstanding work at a competitive price.

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