Parking & Reversing Cameras

Get into the tightest spots with our comprehensive range of parking solutions

Parking Cameras / Parking Assistance

Invisible detection zone immediately reverse gear is selected. As the vehicle is reversed towards an bstacle, Park Master’s audio signal emits an audible warning which increases in frequency until the tone becomes continuous at 30cm. An increasing number of new vehicles are being fitted with reverse parking aids. Now, car owners can purchase a quality product which will protect their investment at relatively low cost. Parking sensors are available for the front and rear and can be colour coded before fitting. A small discreet LCD panel can also be fitted so that you can see just how close you are to an obstacle.

Reversing Cameras

These can be fitted with or without an additional screen. The camera can be integrated to a factory screen or a rear view mirror with screen, or sun visor screen. Different cameras can e supplied e.g. Colour / black & white, Reverse image, night vision.