Rear Entertainment Systems

Keep your rear passengers entertained

Dropdown screens 
Roof mounted drop down screens are a perfect way for rear passengers to be entertained. Screen sizes range from 7.0″ up to 18″ there are restrictions if you have a sunroof.

Bentley GT with Alpine Screen.  Surround trimmed in Blue matching leather.  Chrysler Grand Voyager Roof screen       

Headrest screen conversion 
Screens trimmed in to the original headrests fitted to the car from a budget option to a premium option. Headrest conversions look and work brilliantly and allow the rear passengers to watch different mediums i.e.. DVD and Digital TV or Games consoles. Headrest covers can be made to hide any screens fitted.

 New BMW X5                                                    LandRover Discovery                                      VW Golf R32

Headrests with screen and DVD players 
The screen tilts forward to allow you to insert a DVD in to the integrated DVD player built in to the screen. The application list is massive and on the most MPV ‘s and 4×4 the leather colour, grain and stitching is identical. The package also comes with a games console, 2 pairs of wireless headphones and the option to run the audio through the existing car HIFI via FM Modulator.

New BMW X6

Sun visor Conversions 
Allow the front passenger to watch different mediums.

Sun Visor screen into Grand Voyager

Static screens 
Can be mounted almost anywhere and connected to any media, even a digital camera or video iPod

Audio and Video integration
into the original factory fitted screen. i.e. digital TV fitted and integrated to front screen.

Single DVD & 6 disc multi changers, Analogue and Digital TV, Playstation2 and Playstation3, Xbox360, Video iPod, Camcorder, even

 Wireless Playstation2 in Bentley GT                         With door shut it’s not visable