Driver Infotainment

Stay connected with the latest driver Infotech systems

Multimedia Driver infotainment.
The factory HIFI systems can easily be replaced by state of the art infotainment systems. Flip-out or static 7.0” touch screens that you can add DVD, TV, Games Console, Digital Radio, iPod AUX inputs control, Full European SAT NAV with full Post Code entry, TMC (Traffic Message Channel), Street lane guidance, Shortest, Fastest or Dynamic route. These units technology are unbeatable and make drive so much easier.    

Screen to Hummer2                                    Flip out screen Hummer H2                        Touch screen in VW Tiguan                          Screen to Ford Mustag

Audio and Video integration
into the original factory fitted screen. i.e. digital TV fitted and integrated to front screen.

Single DVD & 6 disc multi changers, Analogue and Digital TV, Playstation2 and Playstation3, Xbox360, Video iPod, Camcorder even the old VCR

Video on the move
TV or DVD can be viewed on the move. An interface can be fitted to cheat the vehicle system. This is for passengers and off road use only as it’s illegal to watch TV whilst driving.

GPS Navigation systems with TMC (Traffic Message Channel). TMC is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to drivers. These can be supplied and fitted to any vehicle.      

Servaillance Cameras with Hard dirves